DVAC Real Estate Investment and Development

DVAC’s Real Estate Investment and Development division brings unique series of
opportunities to the consortium through our International network of investors and
funds focused in real estate investments in U.S. markets.


To effectively capture and position DVAC for investment opportunities, we have
developed a leading-edge team of internationally recognized experts to ensure delivery
and integrity of premium projects.

DVAC cultivates and develops its investors through our established network and
emerging opportunities, while adhering to International and US regulations and
requirements pertaining to in-bound investment vehicles.


Furthermore, we are highly selective in the project and investment opportunities we
accept and present to our investors. Our investment and development process ensures
success in project development with a thorough and comprehensive series of steps
that include:

• Initial vision idea
• Due diligence
• Concept development
• Evaluation and feasibility
• Capitalization
• Implementation

We are committed to developing extraordinary projects through intelligent process for
bold visionary possibilities. Welcome to DVAC.