Net Zero

Net Zero - Second Chance Wildlife CenterNet Zero - Day Laborer CenterThe building industry can significantly reduce energy use by incorporating passive and active energy strategies into the design, construction, and operation of new buildings and existing buildings. This will further reduce fossil fuel dependency by increasing use of on-site and off-site renewable energy sources.

The concept of a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) is to produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Currently, there are only a small number of highly efficient buildings that meet the criteria to be called “Net Zero”. As a result of advances in construction technologies, renewable energy systems, and academic research, creating Net Zero Energy buildings is becoming more and more feasible.

While the exact definitions of metrics for “net zero energy” vary, we at DVAC approach Net Zero Energy Design by combining: passive energy strategies; create exemplary building design to minimize energy requirements; renewable energy systems that meet these reduced energy needs.